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Energy Healing Has Been With us Since the Dawn of Time

Energy healing comes in various forms while accomplishing the same result. From qi-gong to worldwide Shamanic Practices, Traditional Chinese Medicine to Reiki and beyond!!

The techniques release blockages, direct flow of energy, and reduce and increase the energetic flow. 

Shamanic healing techniques start with the healing of the Spirit, the Soul. Once the healing is accomplished, the healed Spirit naturally heals the mind and body. 

Everything is connected. Everything is related. Everything has a spirit. Everything is energy. Trees, wind, sun, moon, animals, nature, and more. Shamans “tap into” this Spiritual Energy to accomplish their goals of healing. Shamans are known to be ‘seers”. They see the energy fields of people, places, and things to affect changes and heal. Centuries ago, they were the ones in the villages and communities who were able to “find” water, food, and sustenance for the community to survive and thrive. 

The healing techniques include Soul Retrieval. Unfortunately, soul loss is all too common. The bright side is Shamanic techniques bring lost soul parts and lost souls back to their rightful state. 

Another technique is “Extraction”. Extraction of unwanted energies and entities. Some of these energies show up as daggers, spears, sharp objects, and more depending on how the Shaman perceives it and how the entity or energy entered the body.

Illumination is a technique that brings radiance back to the “luminous energy field” and aura.

Shamans work with the various fields present in the universe to bring equilibrium back into a persons field.

Compassionate de-possession. In the event that a “lost soul” inhabits a person’s body, the Shaman gently coaxes the lost soul to move on to its proper place. The Shaman may assist this soul in that process.

Not all Shamans work with all modalities. In fact, many Shamans are specialists. 

More areas Shamans work in are music, storytelling, artwork, divination, astrology and more.

All Shamanic work takes place within a “safe container”. Practitioners of Shamanism open their “8th chakra”, their Wira Cocha “sacred source” before beginning any healing. Another method used is “Calling in of the Directions”, archetypes, spirit guides, and helpers. 

I will demonstrate both the opening of the Wira Cocha and Calling In in future YouTube videos.

A lot of what Shamans do is now being recognized by science. The veil of Spirituality and Science is thinning. 

Shamanism was the first “psycho therapy”. A lot of what Shamanism does can be traced to Jungian psychology.

Shamanism is worldwide. In fact, the word “shaman” comes from the Tungus language used in Siberia and Russia. Shamans are called Pacos in South America and in North America, they are sometimes referred to as Medicine men or women. It is thought that emperors in the East were all Shamans. Since Shamanism is as old as time and exists in all countries and cultures, you may be able to trace your heritage back far enough and find a Shaman in your ancestry.

Shamanism is passed down thru families and or a Shaman may be initiated by illness or intervention. Legend has it that many Shamans have been struck by lightning, initiating a Shamanic birth in your Spirit.

It is hardly appropriate to call yourself a Shaman. Many people do refer to themselves as practitioners of Shamanism which is appropriate.

There is the issue of cultural misappropriation (the adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity.)This can be controversial when members of a dominant culture appropriate from disadvantaged minority cultures.

There are many teachers of Shamanism thru out the world teaching from many different lineages. A South American prophecy speaks of a time when the Condor, native to South America will fly with the Eagle, a native species of North America. The prophecy also speaks of a time when the “rainbow people”, white, brown, black, yellow will spread the teachings. 

In many countries, young people are not learning the old ways and cultural variations and much is being lost, including Shamanic knowledge. Therefore, many of the elders have given their blessings to share the teachings. Handled correctly, this is a blessing and should be treated as such.

Traditional Shamanism is about service. It has always been. Shamanic healing, not always understood, is still effective and produces some remarkable results. If nothing else it teaches how we, as modern people, can still come into the presence of the sacred, irrespective of our spiritual affiliation, encounter the beautiful and astonishing world inhabited by the spirits, encounter our own ancestors and the primal founders of our race and genus, and find ways to grow and flourish on many different levels in today’s world.

Where a Shamanic practitioner heals effectively there a community will gather. Shamanism is just as effective today as it ever was, and just as enlightening to those prepared to look beneath the surface. There are many reliable and well-established organizations which offer training and courses of study to enable those who are drawn to Shamanism to practice it both as part of their spiritual practice and, when called, within the community.


Shamanic ceremony and ritual work with the subconscious mind. It transports us to a mystical time where you may travel forward and back into time performing healing and ceremonial rites. Oftentimes, you enter “nonordinary reality” where you drop out of thinking with the mind and use your heart and soul instead. Nonordinary reality is also the domain of Spirit helpers, angels, guardians, power animals, and more. 


Shamanic journeying brings you into nonordinary reality. Drumming and rattling are often used to change your brain waves into a more receptive state. I like to think of it as the area between where you are sleeping and awake. The in-between space. Shamans are known to straddle both worlds. Living with one foot in this world while also existing in alternate realms.

There is so much more to the world of the Shaman and I will cover those topics in future posts.

As mentioned earlier, energy healing is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM operates on the premise that everything is energy. That energy cannot be created or destroyed. The energy just “exists”. Energy is neither good nor bad. The body just has either too much energy, too little, or energy blockages. TCM, CHI -GUNG, and other Eastern modalities work to balance the energy.

Reiki works with the energy field, chakras, and meridians. Reiki practitioners bring the flow of energy into homeostasis. 

More on chi gung and reiki in future posts.

Contact me to book an energy healing session. And check out my YouTube channel to learn more about energy healing, reiki, and Kuji-In meditation.


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