Rick Jurvis, Kuji-In meditation instructor, energy healer

My Story

I began taking healing classes in earnest after I retired as a captain in the fire department as a first responder and emergency medical technician. The 31 years in the fire department afforded me many opportunities to heal others physically spiritually and mentally. Even as a kid, being the middle child was the bridge between my older brother and sister and younger brother and sister talk about having 1 foot in both worlds, LOL…

My first course was in Kuji-In meditation—I was fascinated by it and I still am—it’s amazing the powers you can manifest using this technique. 

Next, I was trying to find Reiki instructors in my area and was unsuccessful. I finally found one she’s three hours away. It ended up being just what I needed because it started me on my journey into energy healing. I have taken many classes with Amy, and I myself, consider Reiki the gateway to other energy healing.

Channeling energy through the spirit to heal using Reiki really connected me to divinity and the spiritual world

There was one class I hadn’t taken of hers, and I didn’t even really know what it was all about, but I was at a fire ceremony at her healing center and a group of people was talking about all of the amazing things that were happening for them when they were taking the class. I had to sign up! The classes ended up being shamanic energy healing. The lineage is South American and North American.

It’s a very time-intensive class and you put a lot of energy into it while at the same time receiving many gifts and energy back. I have since then trained with more South American and North American shamanic teachers. I had never heard of shamanism and once I started learning about it I was surprised at how many shamanic practitioners there are and that it is spread out throughout the world.

Most recently I’m training in Northern European shamanism which is called Seidr and learning about Runes and Rune divination.

Shamanic energy healing is one of my favorite modalities and I believe it’s because of the close connection to spirit in the natural world. I kept following the breadcrumbs down this path of healing and became a certified yoga instructor. It is through kundalini yoga that I received my spiritual name from my highly regarded instructor. The name is Jai Virdev Singh which means courageous warrior angel who seals the victory for the forces of good, and the archetype is Saint Michael.

I most recently became certified as a holistic cancer coach. I have training in Ho Opono Pono from a Hawaiian Kahuna. Real Ho O Pono Pono is so much more than the four-line verse most people are familiar with.

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in July 2020, and my training all these years really has prepared me for this cancer journey. Through the techniques and modalities and the connections to other teachers, it has offered me a lifeline to Healing.

After spending all these years in training I finally realize that what I need is to get out and help people. To help them through their healing journey using my training. This is where my passion lies, in getting out there and sharing the knowledge as it supposed to be shared.

What I  offer is that we work together to bring health and wholeness so your health span equals your lifespan. Shamanic energy healing heals at the level of spirit; once your spirit is healed your mind and your body become healed. This is universal ancient knowledge that science is now acknowledging. I am using this energy healing in alliance with medical treatments to heal myself so I may continue to heal others.

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