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Shamanic healing services to assist in aligning the mind, body, and spirit through awareness, alchemy, and action.



Energy Healing Modalities

Energy healing consists of ancient practices of postures, breathwork, mediation, and sound that realign your nervous system, open inner energy centers, and release energy blockages in the outer energy body, allowing you to come back to your natural state.


Centuries-old energy healing involving the transfer of universal energy through the practitioner to the patient.

Holistic Cancer Coaching

As a certified Holistic Cancer Coach I will help you navigate the multiple avenues of holistic cancer healing.

Chakra Balancing

Channeled energy into the seven chakras and energy field to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


An ancient practice that focuses on breath and postures along with chanting, meditation and music.
Rick Jurvis, Kuji-In meditation instructor, energy healer
I help seekers heal themselves by activating their innate, natural healing within so that they may use their healed state as a springboard to accomplish what they desire at their optimum capability.
Rick Jurvis



Kuji-In, also known as the Nine Hand Seals, refers to a system of mudras and associated mantras that consist of nine syllables. The mantras are referred to as Kuji-in, which literally translates as nine characters. The syllables used in Kuji-in are numerous, especially within Japanese esoteric Mikkyo.

There are nine sets of Kuji-in. One version consists of five parts to each set. These parts include a mantra, mudra, mandala (focus point), philosophy, and mystical powers.

The sets are planet influenced:

  • Rin (Come) Moon Descending South
  • To (Fight) Jupiter
  • Kai (Ready) Moon Ascending North
  • Retsu (Line Up) Full Moon
  • Zen (In Front) Mercury
  • Pyo (Warriors) Sun
  • Sha (One) Mars
  • Jin (Formation) Saturn
  • Zains (Take Position) Venus


Rick Jurvis

Spirit has always given me the capabilities to be an intuitive healer. As a child, I was the bridge between my older and younger siblings, and the 31 years in the fire department, as a captain, first responder, and emergency medical technician, afforded me many opportunities to heal others physically, spiritually, and mentally. After retirement, I began taking healing classes in earnest starting with Kundalini meditation.

From there I found Reiki and have been on a deep growth journey ever since—I attribute Reiki as the gateway to other energy healing modalities. I’m certified in Kuji-in, Reiki, Yoga, and as a Holistic Cancer Coach, and shamanic energy healing is one of my favorite modalities because of the close connection to the spiritual world.

"The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the Universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the Universe dwells the Great Spirit and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”


Health & Vitality


Shamanic healing focuses on healing the spirit.  Once the spirit heals it opens the possibility of healing physical and emotional ailments. 



When you’re grounded, it gives you the space to be fully in the present moment and to organize your thoughts allowing you to align with your future vision.



Being grounded and in alignment with your future vision, gives you unlimited energy to live and work from a place of flow and to remain focused on your purpose.



Balanced energy allows you to function at your best with mental clarity, emotional, physical, spiritual, and well-being while experiencing patience and a zest for life.

I Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Allow me to hold a safe space with an open connection to the divine for deep energetic healing within.

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Questions And Answers

Kuji-in mastery creates the power of manifestation. It is a source of wisdom and power. It guides you into a sacred state of mind.

Individual sets of Kuji-in develop their own capabilities. These are but not limited to: trust and courage, self control, release of tension and energy blockages, human and supernatural power, unconditional discernment, balance within us and outside of us, universal knowledge, transmuting the limits perception of space and time, become the master of your life by purifying yourself at every level to become a pure temple of light and power, intertwine your human spirit frequencies while becoming whole and complete.

First and foremost, you can expect safety. A sacred, protective state is created while we will work together with positive energies of the Universe. 

Like Reiki, energy healing may be done “hands on or off”, completely clothed, remotely or in person depending on your choice.

We begin by creating a sacred space which feels safe for the client and practitioner.

From there, we will have a conversation about your concerns, background, and what you expect from the session. All this time sharing what you feel comfortable with.

Depending on our conversation, different techniques will be used to either move energy, unblock energy, and to increase or decrease energy. 

Side effects may include a feeling of lightness and/or subtle increase to balance of energy. Energy is neither good nor bad and cannot be created or destroyed. Energy just exists, so this work is perfectly safe.

Yes! I can  empower you to help yourself, while all the while, guiding and walking side by side with you as needed. Thats my calling. To use the tools that I have gathered over the years  while training with my teachers and guides.

Thats what you and I will discover while working together. I work with various healing modalities which I can mix and match to develop the best solution for you. 

You have no commitment to go beyond our first session. Since there is no “cookie cutter” solution and everyone is different ,you and I will discover during the first session if we need and if you want to continue with another session or more. 

If you would have asked me this question before my years of training, I would say or ask in return, how could that be so? I personally learned quickly that indeed remote energy healing is as powerful as in-person. With the advent of Zoom and its prolific use, many of us have found how effective it is to meet remotely and accomplish what’s desired for all types of meetings. Energy healing specifically crosses all distances and times. I am open to meet safely however you want.

Transcendental Meditation—TM—is a specific type of meditations meant to induce calmness, rest and stress reduction. Kuji-in does all of that plus so much more. As a matter of fact, simply calling Kuji-in a meditation greatly underestimates its multiple uses.

Kuji-in creates manifestations (your choice), supernatural concentration, increase power, develop telepathy, and creates balance within as well as externally.

Both TM and Kuji-in are mostly passive, however, Kuji-in may also be interactive, dynamic, or a combination.

I enjoy Kuji-in because it initially calms me and puts me into a sacred state. From there I am transported into other dimensions and mystical time where abilities of supernatural powers are created. Kuji-in keeps you engaged and your mind typically doesn’t drift as in TM.

Both practices serve their purpose and are effective in what they were developed for.